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2 Ways To Electrify Your Wedding Dance Floor

wedding lights

Weddings are a blast! What is your favorite part of a wedding? The food? The decorations? The dancing? When planning a wedding, people spend lots of time and money picking out just the right decor and just the right schedule for the day and evening. If you are currently planning your wedding, here are two…

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Getting Married This Fall?

Fall weddings are stunning! Most of the time, you can count on pleasant weather and beautiful colors. It’s no surprise that September-November is the new June-August. Who wouldn’t trade a 90 degree day with a high risk of pop up thunderstorms for a sunny and 75 degree day? If you are getting married this fall,…

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3 Projects To Tackle With A Backhoe

Dig A Trench Are you needing to dig a trench somewhere on your property? Do you need to lay some piping underground? A backhoe can be the perfect tool! Just use the teeth on the end of the bucket to dig into the ground. Before you know it, the backhoe will have dug a trench…

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Power-Wash Your Way Through This Summer

‘Tis The Season Of Power-Washing It’s that time of year again. Clean up. Spruce up. Trim up. Summer is in full bloom. The temperatures are up and the honey-do-lists are getting longer and longer. If you are a homeowner, you know that there are certain “musts” that you have to tackle each year to keep…

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How To Operate A Bobcat

Start the Bobcat Enter the bobcat carefully, using the handles located on the front of the cab. Next, pull the safety roll cage down. Turn the key one position to the right and listen for the beep. In the upper left corner, turn the parking brake off by pushing the toggle switch to the off…

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