2 Ways To Electrify Your Wedding Dance Floor

Weddings are a blast! What is your favorite part of a wedding? The food? The decorations? The dancing? When planning a wedding, people spend lots of time and money picking out just the right decor and just the right schedule for the day and evening. If you are currently planning your wedding, here are two tips that you can use to make your dance floor fire!


Lighting is essential for a stunning wedding dance floor. You don’t want too much light to kill the mood, but you don’t want people falling because they cannot see in the dark either. Try some Edison bulb string lights or even white Christmas lights! There are so many ways that you can hang the lights that will leave your guests talking for days! If you want to add some extra color for excitement, throw in some beam spotlights or a disco ball!


No doubt, a dance floor is never a success without a killer playlist. You don’t have to hire a DJ to have great music at your wedding reception! The trick is to make sure that there is a variety of genres played throughout the evening. Throw in a mix of oldies and even a few off last week’s Top 40. Guests of all ages will identify with music that fits their tastes and personality. The more comfortable your guests feel, the more moves they will bust out on the dance floor!

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