3 Projects To Tackle With A Backhoe

Dig A Trench

Are you needing to dig a trench somewhere on your property? Do you need to lay some piping underground? A backhoe can be the perfect tool! Just use the teeth on the end of the bucket to dig into the ground. Before you know it, the backhoe will have dug a trench just like you were needing. Then lay piping or whatever else you were planning on in the trench that you dug and cover it back up with dirt when you are finished.

Grade A Road Or Piece Of Land

Do you have a gravel driveway or a piece of land that you would like flattened out? Does your gravel wash out when heavy amounts of rainfall hit? You can fix gravel and dirt issues that you are having by raking the backhoe’s bucket flat against the ground with pressure. Once you go over the specific area a couple times with the machine, you will be on your way to correcting your problem! Skip hiring a company to come out and do a project that you can tackle yourself for a lot less money and a lot less time.

Uproot Trees or Large Shrubbery

Are you trying to get rid of trees or shrubbery that have overtaken a part of your property? Are you trying to revamp the frontage around your home? A backhoe can help! Backhoes are tough and resilient machines. Just be sure to be careful when pulling/uprooting trees or other large shrubs to make sure that they fall away from you and the backhoe. We advise more than one person be present when trying to tackle these type of projects.

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