Power-Wash Your Way Through This Summer

‘Tis The Season Of Power-Washing

It’s that time of year again. Clean up. Spruce up. Trim up. Summer is in full bloom. The temperatures are up and the honey-do-lists are getting longer and longer. If you are a homeowner, you know that there are certain “musts” that you have to tackle each year to keep your home looking top notch. We are guessing that the following two chores are probably on your honey-do-list right now!

Power-Wash The Deck

First, power-washing the deck. Over the winter months, green mildew and other manners of nasty begin to grow on decks. Summers are for entertaining. More than likely you plan to spend lots of time out on the deck soaking up the sun with your friends and family. A good power-washer and a bit of  time will restore your deck to it’s former glory without breaking the bank. Making sure that your deck is clean and free of rot each year will add years of fun to its life. Win-win, right?

Power-Wash The Driveway

Now that you’ve finished your deck it’s time to move to the driveway and sidewalk. Nothing says welcome home like a green driveway, right? Not to mention that mildew and mold growing on your driveway makes things extra slick when it rains or early in the mornings when the dew is heavy. Keep your driveway and sidewalk clean this summer and make a good first impression when your guests pull up for a night of fun.

Power-Wash With Bradley Rentals

Aside from other items on your honey-do-list, the two we discussed today won’t take much of your time. Bradley Rentals has power-washers and other tools and equipment you may need to tackle any project, small or large. So get out there and make your neighbors jealous!


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